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Our Workouts

Fit4Baby Prenatal Workout Classes


FIT4BABY® is designed specifically for parents that are expecting. All exercises are carefully selected to prepare your body for the many changes you will experience during pregnancy. You can begin FIT4BABY at any point during pregnancy as the workouts are scientifically- based, purposeful and designed to accommodate your changing body. The 60-minute workout includes cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training and ends with a relaxing meditation; everything you need during this time. We also have yoga classes that are prenatal friendly.


Stroller Workout for Moms


Stroller Strides® is a 60-minute total-body workout with strength, cardio, and core training, all while engaging the little ones in a stroller! You’ll leave class feeling strong, empowered, connected, and energized.


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Barre is a 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability, and mobility. The workout combines moves inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga to help you regain your posture and alignment and strengthen your body from the inside out! Barre will help you reconnect with your body, increase flexibility and develop the core strength.

Also check out our new TRX/Barre class on Sunday's at 9:30am.


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Body Boost® is a total-body workout that is challenging, empowering, and energizing. By combining cardio, strength, core training, and meditation, you will leave this workout refreshed and recharged for all that comes.




Body Well is about the journey, meeting you where you are & challenging you to grow. This 8-week session includes two HIIT workouts per week, 1 individual personal training sessions, 1 individual nutritional coaching sessions, recipes + meal planners, and weekly email focuses and check ins to keep you accountable and help motivate you.




Functional Strength challenges you to find your strongest self. This 10-week functional strength program will not only focus on helping you build overall strength but will empower you to use those gains in your everyday life. Through group coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the basics to strength training, improve your lifting techniques to help ensure proper form and progress in a way that challenges you while keeping your individual goals in mind.

The functional strength program will incorporate everything from bodyweight, bands, dumbbells and weighted bars to TRX suspension training, as we work on becoming more athletic, more functional and more flexible. This program is accessible to all fitness levels: whether you’re brand new to a strength training program; want guidance to help you feel more confident; or looking to build upon your training.




Body Ignite® is a 60-minute strength workout that targets every muscle in your body. This easy-to-follow program will increase your metabolism, athleticism, and ability to lift, lunge, and push everything life throws your way!


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TRX suspension training combined with dynamic bodyweight exercises designed to build strength, flexibility, core stability, and boost cardio performance. We also offer TRX/HIIT and TRX Barre classes.


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Join us for restorative and slow flow vinyasa (prenatal friendly) classes in our studio.


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Active Aging Fitness

This class will focus on maintaining strength and posture, finding balance, strengthening our core and getting our heart rates up with no impact cardio exercises. Strengthening our bodies to be able to do the activities of our daily lives and more. This is a year round Seward Park class.

For class you will need a yoga mat, rolled towel (used for head support), set of dumbells (3-5lb recommended), and water.


Stroller Run Club for Moms


Run Club is a welcoming and supportive community of runners of all experience levels and paces. Whether you're brand new to running, just getting back to running after a break, or an experienced runner looking to increase speed or distance, there is a place for you in Run Club! We provide an 8 week training program for 5k or 10K distances, with many variations depending on your running experience and fitness level, coaching support, and lots of community and fun.


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Personal Training

Our personal trainers are ACE & NASM Certified Personal Trainer with specific expertise in training prenatal and postnatal clients. Through a 30-minute free consultation, they will be able to listen to you, your specific considerations and goals, and formulate a plan that is just right for you. Whether you prefer to meet with them once for a one-hour assessment and training session, or sign up for four or eight sessions in order to meet larger goals over time, they will be thrilled to work with you!