About Us

Fit4Mom South Seattle is owned by Caitlin Ibarra (mama to Ford, Wes, and Charlie). Caitlin bought Fit4Mom South Seattle in 2016 and bought and renovated the Fit4Mom South Seattle studio space in Beacon Hill! The studio was constructed, detail by detail, to reflect the love, passion and dedication that we have for this community, which continues to grow in members and strength every day.

Our Mission

Here at Fit4Mom South Seattle, our mission is to “lead a community of women and families in South Seattle who come together to find greater support and strength in motherhood and beyond. Through physical fitness and health, we help our members find a gateway into greater empowerment, self-love, and community.”

Our Vision

Our vision, toward which we are constantly striving, is to “reflect the beauty, power, and diversity of our community by empowering women through greater strength and limitless possibility.”

Join Us

We hope that you join us in any way that feels like a good fit for your stage in motherhood and life. We will be here ready to receive and accept you, and give you unconditional support.

With love,